Ambitious ideas to develop, plan and realize collections of furniture of a new generation
Offering characteristics and criteria of excellence, with the highest levels of standards
Synergy with our partners, professionals, consultants and suppliers to achieve the best in any category

About Us

Matteo Rossi Home is an interior design brand, brought to life by the deep know-how of generations of Venetian master carpenters and the stylistic innovation provided by its architects and designers.
The production process, entirely made in Italy, starts from ideas, concept and artistic inspirations blossoming in the “design laboratory” that is the heart of the company and its workflows.
The experience acquired thanks to long-term relationships with international customers allows to the brand, which exhibits its brand-new products at the Milan Furniture Fair in XLux hall, to be the ideal partner for large groups or architects in Italy and abroad.
A constant and extensive research for new materials is the main key in the combination between an in-depth knowledge of wood as well as of steel, leather, glass …


A photovoltaic system of the latest generation is working on a 6000 mq area since December 2009.

This system  produces clean energy estimated around 250,000kWh per year, equal to the yearly consumption of 80 average families.

The application of the photovoltaic technology allows the production of electricity without any emission of pollutants; by saving oil fuels, we contribute to fight the greenhouse effect and the reduction of the ozone layer; we avoid any noise pollution; we reduce the visual and environmental impact.


We are members of VERO LEGNO Consortium, a trademark that represents a guarantee of quality and has the purpose to indicate the authenticity of real wood, distinguishing it from the imitations.

The trademark is managed through “Trademark Regulation”, registered and recognized in every UE country.


Matteo Rossi is proud of being one of the founding partners of Lignum, a project gathering the food/furniture businessmen of Verona furniture district.

Lignum aims to relaunch its typical manufacturing and to create a local brand.




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Via Liguria, 25 - 35040 - Casale di Scodosia (PD)


Via Liguria, 25 - 35040 - Casale di Scodosia (PD)


(+39) 0429 87574


P.IVA: 00015940281